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The practitioners listed below have all trained with Martha Kauppi through her course, Assessing and Treating Sex Issues in Psychotherapy. They’ve received comprehensive training in working with a broad range of issues related to sex, sexuality, and intimate relationships.

You'll notice some are therapists, some are coaches, and some are both. If you work with a therapist in the USA, your state may require your therapist to be licensed in the state in which you live. Different states have different requirements, and your provider should be aware of the details in their state. Coaches are not bound by licensing requirements, and can work anywhere, but are not regulated. Additionally, every country has their own licensing and practice guidelines. Contacting a therapist in your own country is a logical first step, but may not be a requirement depending on where you live.

Don't see a provider in your state or country? Check the tabs marked "Anywhere in the United States" and "Anywhere in the World" for providers who work across borders.

Providers marked with an asterisk (*) are adept at working with challenges surrounding consensual non-monogamies.


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