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Discover the step-by-step sex issues assessment thousands of therapists use. 

When you don't ask about sex, you may be missing serious issues that could just get worse with time.


Don't let uncertainly hold you back! Get a sex therapist's script for opening the conversation and following up with skill.


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  • Two 15-minutes videos: 
    • Part one covers why it’s important for every therapist to bring up sex in therapy, and how to get started 
    • Part two walks you through my brief assessment, explaining each component and providing a script with my exact language 
  • Full transcripts of both videos
  • My ebook, 10 Reasons Every Therapist Should Talk About Sex in Therapy...and How to Get Started
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I’m Martha Kauppi, and I’m on a mission to change how therapists talk about sex.

Most therapists don’t get nearly enough training in sex issues. You might be concerned about going out of your scope of practice, or unintentionally doing harm. But the truth is, not asking about sex is more likely to cause harm. It doesn’t protect your clients; it just prevents you from helping.  

That’s why I’m giving you my first-session assessment for sex issues. I believe every therapist needs to have this information. 

I use this with all of my clients. I’ve designed it to quickly catch all the most serious sex issues, disentangle contributing factors, and prepare you to move forward effectively – all in the very first session. 

Plus, there’s a handy mnemonic to make it easy to remember: “Will Lily Pick Andrew Or Sarah?” What does that mean? You’ll have to sign up to find out!

Why talk about sex:

Sex is part of life - and sex issues are incredibly common. Just ask a sex therapist - there are WAY more people out there who have sex issues than there are specialists to treat them. 

But the truth is, the vast majority of clients with sex issues don’t require a specialist. They need the therapist they already have: YOU! 

Your clients need you to be able to discuss sex and relational intimacy comfortably and skillfully, use effective treatment strategies, and confidently refer when necessary. 

You can start right now. 

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How to Get a Strong Start Talking About Sex in Therapy:
Why, When, How, and Then What?

Brief Assessment: The Right Questions to Ask Your Clients About Sex

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What participants are saying:

Kelly Scharver

Couples Counselor (Virginia)

Martha has an incredible talent to teach complicated material in a digestible way. Every time I have heard Martha present, I have implemented what I have learned in my sessions right away. I am incredibly grateful for all I have learned from her and believe the couples I work with have benefited from all she has taught me.

Lauren C. Ostrowski

MA, LPC, NCC, DCC, CCTP (Pennsylvania)

Martha’s brief assessment is a fantastic tool. It helps me elicit crucial information and categorize a labyrinth of possible concerns regarding sexual interactions. My clients have stated that the questions are gentle and thorough, and allow them to focus on parts of their sexual interactions they have not even considered previously.

Rev. Erich Moraine

Certified IFS Practitioner

Martha’s brief assessment has become my go-to tool for initiating conversations around sexual challenges, and assessing the components. It gives me a clean, simple, easy-to-remember format. I also use it to to track my clients’ progress over time.

Jenny Glick

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (Colorado)

I have used Martha Kauppi’s brief assessment tool twice now with clients (since learning it yesterday) and IT’S LIKE MAGIC! Wow! So happy to have that — thank you, thank you!

Monica Houttuin

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (Missouri)

Martha, thank you for teaching me how to improve my sexual health assessments with Will Lily. That skill fundamentally changed how I do my assessments. They are so much more succinct, and thorough, and I don’t exhaust my clients the way I used to. I really love Will Lily, and I appreciate how you put together information in such a wonderful way.

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