Group Training

Whether you’re looking for training for your staff, referral group, or local community of therapists, Martha can help. 

Get trained on therapeutic approaches to working with:

  • Polyamory and other forms of consensual non-monogamy
  • Sex issues
  • Difficult relational challenges

Martha will tailor the training to meet your group’s needs. 

Since one of the biggest struggles for therapists who work with sex issues and/or non-monogamy is finding other competent therapists to refer to, training as a group is a great way to increase your community’s overall competence and make your work easier down the road. 


Paula Dennan

Clinical Psychologist and Co-Director of Sex Therapy New Zealand Ltd.

Sex Therapy NZ invited Martha to provide our team with a workshop series on two primary topics: desire difficulties and working with non-monogamous relationships.  She skillfully tailored these five workshops crafting the content, exercises and Q&A to our team’s specific needs.

But more than this is Martha’s personal style as a therapist, teacher and specialist in the fields of sex and relationship therapy.  I especially appreciated her empathic, non-judgmental,  all-inclusive approach full of curiosity and genuine integrity that supports a learner to develop and form their own unique practice whilst utilizing Martha’s wisdom.

I highly recommend Martha as a speaker and trainer for your work with sex and relationship intimacy.

Helen Mounsey

Therapist and Co-Director of Sex Therapy New Zealand Ltd.

We were very fortunate to have Martha present a series of webinars on the ever-present issue of managing sexual desire with our clients.  Her insight and experience were immediately apparent and she was always comfortable  managing the many issues.  The important addition of her own experiences in therapy added to the experience.  I loved the ease with which she embraced the difficult issues - her language was straightforward and comforting, an essential part of my learning this year.

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