Consensual Non-Monogamy

Level 2:

Deep Dive Consulting Group

Completion of CNM Level 1 required

Do you wish you had a consensual non-monogamy
expert in your corner?

Maybe your clients are stuck in an “open or not?” dilemma, and you’re feeling caught up in the gridlock. Or they have a history of infidelity, and things are getting complicated.

Or perhaps you’re aspiring to work skillfully with non-monogamous relationships–but you’re worried about accidentally doing harm, or further marginalizing your clients.

You want to grow. Here’s your next step.

I’m building a one-of-a-kind consulting community, designed to provide you with ongoing expert feedback on all your consensual non-monogamy cases. 

You can get the support you need to be confident that you’re leading your clients in the right direction–plus skillful backup for when the going gets tough.

Join for:

  • Live, personal consultation with me for your non-monogamy cases
  • Teaching and demonstration of relational counseling skills for tough presentations
  • A warm community of colleagues who are committed to professional growth
  • Access to my referral network; let me send you new clients!
  • A private course site to catch up on recorded sessions, network with your colleagues, and access exclusive training materials
  • Guidance on how to build your practice
  • 1.5 AASECT CEUs* per meeting

Why consult with me? 

I’m Martha Kauppi, and I’ve been thinking about, working with, and living my own consensual non-monogamy for many years. Training therapists and coaches to help effectively with non-monogamous relationships is my passion; I even wrote a book about it! 

I truly believe that clients in CNM relationships can be your best clients ever. Let me show you why, and help you when the going gets tough. 

This course is exclusively for graduates of
Consensual Non-Monogamy Level 1: Clinical Skills and Interventions.

If you haven’t completed Level 1, it’s easy–and it’s a necessary stepping stone, because I want to make sure we have a shared understanding of the topic and my approach so our consulting group can go deep. You can enroll in Level 1 here.

You should join if: 

  • You’ve got one or more tough non-monogamy cases that you could use support with
  • You’re already skilled at working with non-monogamy, but want the support of a community of like-minded care providers, and expert consultation 
  • You feel stuck when clients are at war, unmotivated, highly distressed, passive-aggressive, or controlling
  • You want more non-monogamous clients (I have referrals to make!)
  • You want to expand your scope of practice and join the growing wave of incredible therapists who are combating stigma around non-monogamy and providing awesome care to a marginalized population!
  • You have completed the prerequisite course: Consensual Non-Monogamy Level 1
Learn about the prerequisite course

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about the prerequisite course

What Participants Are Saying

Words cannot express the impact Martha has had on me, not only as a mental health professional, but as a human being. She is, hands down, one of the most influential people in my life; she is a model of human kindness and professional integrity. I've learned greatly about human sexuality and healthy relationships through her razor-sharp intuition and clinical and teaching skills. It is a mighty combination! I am grateful for the community she has built through the ATSIP Level 2 Consulting Groups, and I look at my time there with love and appreciation.

Vanessa Harvell, LMFT - Los Angeles, California

I find my connection to this group to be invaluable and crucial to the ongoing success of my work with clients.  The support is grounding and helps me to keep striving to be the best I can be at working with such difficult issues.  I am especially grateful for Martha’s leadership and expertise, as well as her warm and very real approach to the material.

Scott Ferguson, LCSW - New York and California

I appreciate Martha's warmth, timekeeping, and good boundaries. I feel good hands on the reins in this group -- Martha's leadership makes all the difference to my feeling of gaining both community and skill. I feel "seen" and included, and I take away immediate skills/tools/conceptualization ideas that I use on my couples that week.

Sarah Lincoln Pattee, MA, LPC - Portland, Oregon

Once again, I leave my consultation group with Martha, untangled.  You can bring the most convoluted case and Martha will show you how to sort through it to the most core and salient issues.  If you want the pleasure and joy of the adventures we go on together, join one of Martha’s consultation groups!  Hope to see you there!

Lori Keegan, MSW, MFT, MS - Topeka, Kansas

Through complex cases, the position Martha takes is very centered and grounded in who she is as a therapist. This inspires me to take a stance and confront my own biases and blindspots, and energizes me to look deeper into my own self as a therapist.

Elise Thompson