More people are exploring

non-monogamy every year. 

Are you ready to work with them?

Level up your skills and prepare for a growing wave of clients. 

What do you do when…

  • Your client is trying to transition from infidelity to polyamory?
  • Your client wants to embrace polyamory–but their jealousy is going haywire?
  • New relationship energy has turned one of your clients from Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde? 
  • Your client wants to open up and their partner isn’t so sure…or vice versa?
  • You feel uncomfortable about non-monogamy but want to effectively help a diverse clientele?

Get practical, no-nonsense guidance for these common challenges & many more. 

This is so much more than a 101 course.

You’ll come away with:

  • Deep cultural competence
  • Case conceptualization, even with tough circumstances
  • A thorough understanding of what goes into well-functioning consensual non-monogamy
  • Powerful strategies to help clients build the necessary relationship skills 
  • Confidence working with relationship structures that many people deem to be impossible

Every therapist should be prepared to work with polyamory and other forms of consensual non-monogamy.

Not only are these relationship structures becoming more common every year, but there aren’t nearly enough therapists who are qualified to work with them–meaning there’s an abundance of clients and a shortage of clinicians. 

How do I know?

I’m Martha Kauppi, and I train therapists all over the world to work with sex issues and non-monogamies, because I believe everyone has the right to culturally-competent, non-marginalizing, and effective therapy. I know from experience how fabulous and rewarding working with polyamorous clients can be. Seriously, there’s a reason I’ve devoted so much of my career to working with non-monogamous people: they tend to be highly motivated, to value therapy, and to deeply believe in personal growth. How cool is that?

I also know how tough it is to make a good referral.

I can’t possibly see all the clients who come to me, so I know from experience the world needs many more therapists qualified to work with this population. Would you like to be one of them?

If so, this is what you’ll get:

  • 11 pre-recorded lessons (with written transcripts) to take you from ”just starting out” to “confident and competent.” They’ll cover everything from managing jealousy, to negotiating relationship agreements, to coming-out issues, and parenting while polyamorous
  • A slate of essential therapeutic interventions, including guidance on using the Initiator/Inquirer process to build developmental capacity in a throuple, an overview of ego states as applied to working with a dilemma, and key chairwork techniques to help your clients work through internal impasses. You will learn how to tackle relational challenges whether your client is an individual, couple, or relational group
  • Written resources, including an in-depth resource list, a relationship repair handbook for recovering from broken agreements, a step-by-step guide for partners in the early stages of opening up, and more 
  • 15 AASECT CEUs* upon successful completion of a learning assessment
  • The opportunity to join Consensual Non-Monogamy Level 2, a brand-new deep dive consulting group that offers ongoing support for all your polyamory cases. This group is exclusively available to graduates of Level 1, and it will include the opportunity to join Martha’s referral pool for new clients 


Bonus: Relationship skills handout set ($35 value).

You’ll get the full set of exercises and worksheets from Martha's book, Polyamory: A Clinical Toolkit for Therapists (And Their Clients), in easy-to-download pdf format. Totaling 92 pages, this handout set contains targeted interventions for:

  • guiding your clients in a reflective process to discover what relationship style truly suits them
  • healing the damage from broken agreements
  • preparing for the earth-shaking force that is New Relationship Energy, and preventing it from doing damage to long-standing relationships
  • managing difficult emotions (like jealousy)
  • supporting your clients in challenging conversations about fidelity, relationship agreements, differences of opinion about polyamory, etc.
  • and much more!

Download, print, and share with your clients—no extra work required!

Special Introductory Price $399

Even more exciting things coming after Level 1...
I’ve got your back, and I won’t let you down.

After you finish Level 1, you will be qualified to join Level 2 if you wish. Level 2 will offer in-depth group consultation on your toughest cases involving consensual non-monogamies. We will tackle application of clinical interventions and strategies in live consulting groups (which will also be recorded if you can’t attend live). I’ll help you apply and expand on material from Level 1, as well as work with anything that comes up in your clinical practice relating to relational work around consensual non-monogamies.  Plus, if you are trying to build your coaching or therapy practice, you will be able to join my referral pool at no charge. I make a lot of referrals, and I want to send those clients to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Special Introductory Price $399

What People Are Saying About My Work

Words cannot express the impact Martha has had on me, not only as a mental health professional, but as a human being. She is, hands down, one of the most influential people in my life; she is a model of human kindness and professional integrity. I've learned greatly about human sexuality and healthy relationships through her razor-sharp intuition and clinical and teaching skills. It is a mighty combination! 

Vanessa Harvell, LMFT—Los Angeles, California

I find my connection to this group to be invaluable and crucial to the ongoing success of my work with clients.  The support is grounding and helps me to keep striving to be the best I can be at working with such difficult issues.  I am especially grateful for Martha’s leadership and expertise, as well as her warm and very real approach to the material.

Scott Ferguson, LCSW—New York

I have gained so much more than I ever imagined through Martha. Learning from her, and having access to the amazing wealth of resources that were offered up, has changed how I work with just about everyone! I witness my clients gaining both more ease to explore and more confidence with interventions. My couples have all indicated that the work has deepened in ways they did not think possible before. It has been such a joy to witness their growth. Martha, you are changing so many things for so many people with your wise, compassionate, and generous teaching.

Kathy L. Heuser, Psy.D., LPCC.—Burnsville, Minnesota

Martha is a consummate professional and dynamic teacher and speaker, with an amazing breadth and depth of knowledge about work with sexuality and couples. I am so thrilled she’s offering a workshop for therapists about gaining competency with non-monogamy and poly relationships, because this is such a growing need, and it’s so critical that we therapists respond to it from a place of information, awareness, and understanding.  Martha’s work is really one of a kind, and I am so excited to continue to learn from her.

Katherine Waddell, MS, LMFT—Northampton, Massachusetts

What Martha teaches about poly is such important information for all therapists to learn. It is clear that she stands out as a specialist in this area of work. Our profession needs her expertise at a time when there are few trainings to address this issue.

Lori Weisman, MA, LMHC—Bellevue, Washington

Martha has an incredible talent to teach complicated material in a digestible way. Every time I have heard Martha present, I have implemented what I have learned in my sessions right away.

Kelly Scharver, Couples Counselor—Virginia

Martha is so generous and welcoming with her information and abundant resources, experience, online seminar leadership, and knowledge.

Dian Rains Allen, Ph.D., MFT, LPCC—Vallejo, California

Special Introductory Price $399

*This program meets the requirements of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) and is approved for 15 CE credits. These CE credits may be applied toward AASECT certification and renewal of certification.