8 Steps to Opening Up:

Starting the Conversation about Non-Monogamy

Martha Kauppi has worked with hundreds of polyamorous partners, and she knows exactly what challenges couples face when considering opening up.

That's why she created this step-by-step guide to help you raise the topic of non-monogamy and explore it with your partner.

You’ll discover:

  • what questions you should ask yourself before raising the topic of non-monogamy with your partner
  • how to avoid getting trapped in a deadlock with your partner
  • key pitfalls to look out for in your first experiments with non-monogamy—and how to avoid falling into them

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About Martha

Martha Kauppi is a licensed marriage and family therapist and AASECT-certified sex therapist. Her guiding passion is helping partners navigate the challenges of their intimate lives and forge deep, lasting connections. She founded the Institute for Relational Intimacy, an organization devoted to offering robust, practical resources and training about sexuality and intimate relationships to therapists and clients alike. 


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